The goals and tasks of our association:

■The goals and tasks of our association:

  • Our Association, the Japanese Association for Steiner / Waldorf Early Childhood Education (JASWECE) consists of those individuals who have seen Rudolf Steiner’s anthropological ideas (Anthroposophy) an effective means to support child development and to improve social conditions as childhood environment, and also of groups (kindergartens, day-care centers, and other pre-school programs) formed by such people.

  • These people (members of our association) make use of ideas and knowledge acquired through Anthroposophy for the purpose of enabling children of our time to live their precious childhood years in a safe environment filled with love, as they engage in pedagogical work.

  • Our association supports the activities of those willing to study and practice Steiner early childhood education by organizing teachers’ training courses, study groups, and other regular events; it also facilitates communication (exchange of ideas, advice, and information) among its members.

  • Our association also seeks to address the present-day society by providing anthroposophical ideas and knowledge through lectures, courses, publications and other means.

  • It is important for our association that the pedagogical methods based on Anthroposophy (Steiner / Waldorf early childhood education) do not harden into fixed ideas which tie people down, but rather continue to be powerful tools to support children with love in an ever changing environment. This will only be possible, when we are willing to open up to other contemporary ideas and thoughts, as we keep on learning and set our mind to contributing to the development of Steiner education itself.

  • It is our hope that through our efforts our association itself becomes a friendly environment based on mutual understanding, suitable for Steiner early childhood education.